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Skinny shaming is actually horrible. I am always being told that I look like a boy and that my body is un-womanly. I can't find clothes in my size and I cant talk to anyone about my body image issues because they think I am making fun of them. How dare anyone say that one form of shaming is worse than another. It's like telling a victim how much pain they are allowed to feel because 'someone else has it worse, get over it'. For a wellness blog I dont think you should be posting stuff like that.

Wait, what did we post?

Oh, right. Skinny shaming is indeed horrible. Many people are even bullied about it, but the reason that post is there is because fat people are more likely to be bullied too, to have hard time finding jobs, to go out on the street and be insulted, to not find clothes, or believed. 

Both are indeed horrible, but the difference is that society tends to view skinny people as more beautiful than fat people. I think it was worded badly and I can definitely see now how it was actually pretty horrible, but it was trying to point out the privilege skinny people have over fat people.

This talks about the difference between each shaming.

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Isn't this a mental health blog?

Yes. If you’re freaking out over the social justice posts, I already answered that here.

If you honestly believe that the things happening in Ferguson, and honestly, around the world have nothing to do with mental health, you are ignorant. How do you think it would affect someone’s mental health to know that just because of their skin colour, they will always be seen as less than human? That goes for gender, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, and just about anything that makes them slightly “different”.

Social justice and mental wellness go hand in hand. People who are affected by society’s hatred are more than likely to have mental health issues. Plus, this is not just about mental health, it’s also about positivity and happiness, things denied to people because others are not willing to fight for their rights as much as their own. 

If you really don’t want to see Ferguson posts, I’ve tagged them. But this blog has always been a mix of social justice, mental health and positive posts, and it will always be that way.

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Thank you for tagging a trigger warning on your Ferguson posts. Very few people are doing so.

Well, to be fair I wasn’t at first, but then someone said the blog was too negative. I am on the fence about tagging them since it’s very important for people to learn about, and I still think that if you can (or at least when you can), you should try to look into the posts anyways. But I do get how it can be very upsetting, especially for black people, so I will tag. It does not help anyone to trigger someone to the point of a breakdown after all.

I’m contemplating on not tagging the positive posts on Ferguson though, as those at least should definitely be okay to spread.

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I would like some advice.. I'm pretty addicted to sleep-aids and I don't know why, I just find myself doing whatever to help me fall asleep easily without tossing and turning for hours. I'll smoke pot, or drink a couple of glasses of wine, or pop an anxiety pill.. sometimes it's two of those things at a time.. I think I've forgotten how to have a normal evening and fall asleep daydreaming, and I miss that.. I just worry so much at night I can't daydream anymore.

This is highly concerning and I advise first and foremost to speak to a professional about this, particularly whoever is medicating you (if it’s a professional doing so). 

Sometimes people cannot fall asleep daydreaming. I know I for one am unable to unless I’m dead exhausted, otherwise I’ll be up all night thinking instead. You may need to work on learning relaxation techniques and ways to focus your attention elsewhere. Therapy might be a good idea. Go to them with a request specifically for learning how to sleep with anxiety, as that will help both of you and use your time best.

Make sure though not to drink alcohol with your medication, particularly if the instructions tell you not to. If you no longer have that, google the medication and see what the warnings are. You could potentially really harm yourself, and it may even worsen your ability to sleep.

Right now you’re really substance dependent and so I think it’ll take work to focus on that first than just the sleeping problems. Like I said, the best thing for you is to speak to a doctor of some sort.

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Hey you've been posting a bunch of generally negative things lately... Could you slow down on that?

I’ve been trying to keep updated on Ferguson. I’ll tag it from now on, but I won’t stop. I think it’s something very important for people to know about. I can understand though that the topic is upsetting for people.

The tag will be #ferguson tw.

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Lately I have been doing things like precisely measuring out how much milk I am drinking or counting how many goldfish I eat so that I can keep track of calories and daily values. Would you consider that a disordered pattern of eating or just mindfulness?

I think it could be both, depending on the context. Are you doing it to focus on your weight? Are you doing it so much you feel you couldn’t stop, even if you wanted to? Is food on your mind, almost 24/7? These kinds of questions would help clarify it.

However, if you are worried you may be developing an eating disorder, see a professional as soon as you can. Best not to take chances with an illness. As a-recovered-life always says, you don’t get a immunization shot AFTER you have the illness, just like its better to see someone professional for a mental illness earlier before it gets out of hand. Chances are if you’re worried, you have reason to be.

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I know she lives in DC but I can't find the number to contact emergency services. Does anyone know the number? I can't call 911 because I don't think the police in Calgary Canada can do anything. She says she might be alive in the morning because she sucks at it but I don't want to risk it. I don't know anyone close to her. We've talked a few times but not enough for me to know her facebook or anything.

Here is a list of emergency numbers in DC

I’m afraid there’s not much else to do but try tswatch. When you have little or no information on them the best thing is to ask around and see if anyone knows them. I would still try 911, as they are the ones who would know what to do best.

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Okay, first you need to report their URL. tswatch @ tumblr is a good place to do so.

If you know them on Facebook or know someone on tumblr who does, have them immediately message one of their family members or friends. If you know where they live, you can call 911 and they can aid you.

Tumblr’s Counseling Resources

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Tumblr is full of these posts that say "you don't owe sex to anyone" and I really think that way too but still, with my boyfriend, I do feel like I owe him sex. He really likes sex and I like too but I just don't feel like having sex so often as he wants. I have noticed that most of the time I have sex with him because I feel like I owe him cause he's so nice to me. He comes everytime but I never orgasm. I don't feel that sex is that important to me as it should be. I'm confused ;_;

Those posts are right. You do NOT owe him anything. That is not how a relationship works. Not a healthy one, anyways.

Having sex because you feel guilty is not fair to you. You have every right to only have sex when you feel like it. If he wants it and you do not, there are alternatives. You could get him off without having sex, or he could take care of himself. 

Sex is not the be all end all. A lot of people aren’t that interested in sex, and it does not mean there is anything wrong with you. It’s much more common and natural than it seems. I know it is often said that sex is a natural human desire, but this is actually not the case. Many, many people couldn’t care for sex at all. 

I think the best thing for your relationship is to talk to him about this. Honesty is the best thing for a good relationship. At the very least he could put more effort into having you orgasm. Still, you should never have sex unless you actually desire to. If he truly cares and is as nice as you say, he’ll understand. There are compromises if you feel you need to, as I mentioned earlier. But note that just because you can compromise doesn’t mean you actually have to. 

Coercion into sex is wrong, whether he does it on purpose or not. That is abusive. I don’t know where you got the idea that someone being nice to you should equal sexual favours, but that too is incorrect. No one should get a cookie for being nice. 

A good resource on sex is Laci, though note she has said some racist things in her past, so it’s up to you if you’d like to go to her. You can also talk to your doctor, as sometimes this is cause by something physical, like a hormone imbalance. You can also check this page to see the statistics on asexuality (not that I am saying you are asexual - that is for you to decide - but it’s good to know it’s a common thing to be uninterested in sex).

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Can you maybe please tag things that mention 'exercise and eat healthy' ideas? Sorry if it's stupid it's just very triggering to me (recovering anorexic/orthorexic)

Ope, sure! Uhhh… I don’t know what to tag it as though? Health tw? Exercise tw?

And it’s not silly at all. I understand triggers, no worries.

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