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We are here to spread mental health awareness and to promote self-love. This blog is all about learning to cope healthy to live a long and happy life. We are a wellness blog geared to helping you achieve the confidence you deserve.

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What's the best thing to do when someone has a panic attack, anxiety attack, or anything of the sort and not just standing there like an idiot? I'm also not the most emotionally supportive person in general. When some friend vent their problems to me, I feel like I sound apathetic, but it's not like I don't care.

Hopefully these posts will help you out!

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It's so hard staying mentally healthy when all you can think about is how terrible you think you look. I hate my acne, my fat stomach, my never ending appetite, everything. I hate myself. Is there a pill I can take thatll make me love myself?

No, and I think you know that. The only way to fight through this is by working it the hard way: unlearning your thought habits about yourself. Try every day to find something, anything, you like about yourself. Try to make it something new every day, if you can. Buy self-help books, research tips to learn to love yourself, etc. And perhaps see about visiting a therapist with the goal to learning to accept yourself. Look at our Mental Health section and do some of the self-esteem worksheets there too.

Never feel ashamed for having a body. Everyone has them, they’re all different, and they’re all beautiful. A body is just a body. It’s the place you live in. Treat it like a temple to wonderful being you are.

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I'm tired of being alone

Then break out of your comfort zone and reach out to people. Anyone. Colleagues, classmates, adults, kids, family, non-family… Go out. Join a club. Do something different and you’ll meet new people.

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Wow. First you mock non-binary transgender people, then you mock people with spirituality like otherkin and then you mock people who need trigger warnings? You should delete your blog if you don't care about the mental health of a huge amount of people. You should definitely just get off Tumblr.

Why would I mock any of those things?

Okay, first off, did you read the description of the photo? No? 

Nounselfers are a problem. Otherkin are not. Why is this? Because nounselfs are mocking transgender and non-binary peoples. You know, doing what you think I’m doing. 

Otherkin is the belief that your spirit is or was something not human. It’s not a gender. It’s offensive to everyone to use nounself pronouns. I know so many otherkin people who agree with me on this. Here.

You can be both transgender/non-binary and be otherkin, true, but still shouldn’t use nounself pronouns because they are not genders.

Secondly, I have never mocked trigger warnings because I use them myself. Have I said you may need to one day face them? Yes. Because you do in order to grow. But I use them, so obviously I don’t mock them.

Did you bother to look at my blog at all or did you just think sending hate was going to brighten your day instead? For heaven’s sake, I’m not changing the theme just to show descriptions for every photo for someone who doesn’t even bother to double check.

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That white privilege post bugged me. It's always the same thing- I am aware of my white privilege, I acknowledge it but no matter what it is always shoved in my face. I didn't choose to be white privileged, so can it stop being shoved in my face?

People don’t ask to be born a different race than white, and yet every day they suffer because of it. You have to understand that no matter how frustrated you are because of these kinds of posts, you will never face the kind of pain PoC face just by existing. 

Think about it. Michael Brown was executed just for being black. There is no post anyone could make on a website that amounts to that kind of thing.

I understand that sometimes you can feel guilty because of posts like that, though you may try to be aware of your internalized racism and privilege. If you are actively trying to be better and acknowledge these things, you needn’t feel guilty. Like you said, you didn’t exactly ask for society to suck so much. But you benefit from it all the same. It’s not your fault, but if you do nothing about it, it is. If you do fight against it, you’re helping in your own way.

If you are doing what you can to fight against racism, those kinds of posts wouldn’t bother you. Or at least they shouldn’t. You’d understand that your frustration would never amount to the fear and pain of self-loathing almost all PoC face. You’d understand that 11 Things White People Need to Stop Saying to Black People Immediately is hardly something to be angry about. Be angry over injustice, not posts about white people being idiots. 

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I was originally following this blog under the impression that it was a recovery blog. I have to admit, I need to unfollow you because of the murder reblogs you keep posting. I'm not mad or blaming you, but I don't know if I missed the point of this blog or if the tone of it changed and I wasn't paying attention. I wish you luck in everything!

Nothing changed. As I have posted on several occasions that social justice and mental health go hand in hand on this blog. 

I tag all the posts with content warnings. I do everything I can so that those easily triggered can ignore it. However, I will under no circumstances ignore physical suffering (which can and often does go together with mental torment) and injustice in the world simply because everyone and their mother wants this blog to adhere to a certain strict set.

Social justice is very, very important. I still reblog and queue up a ton of mental health and recovery posts. I have a whole side blog dedicated to following positive blogs and queuing positive posts. You say you are not “blaming me” but yet you come into my ask box essentially insinuating that my blog (again, my blog) isn’t run correctly. 

I’m sorry you feel like I don’t do a good enough of a job for you and that tagging things isn’t enough, but please do not come into an ask box and tell people these things. Unfollowing silently is more than enough, especially when I have already answered these concerns. The “tone” of the blog hasn’t changed in the years it’s been up. Is it possible that there is more public talk about police brutality right now? Of course. But that is not my fault. 

Nothing changed. At all.

Skinny shaming is actually horrible. I am always being told that I look like a boy and that my body is un-womanly. I can't find clothes in my size and I cant talk to anyone about my body image issues because they think I am making fun of them. How dare anyone say that one form of shaming is worse than another. It's like telling a victim how much pain they are allowed to feel because 'someone else has it worse, get over it'. For a wellness blog I dont think you should be posting stuff like that.

Wait, what did we post?

Oh, right. Skinny shaming is indeed horrible. Many people are even bullied about it, but the reason that post is there is because fat people are more likely to be bullied too, to have hard time finding jobs, to go out on the street and be insulted, to not find clothes, or believed. 

Both are indeed horrible, but the difference is that society tends to view skinny people as more beautiful than fat people. I think it was worded badly and I can definitely see now how it was actually pretty horrible, but it was trying to point out the privilege skinny people have over fat people.

This talks about the difference between each shaming.

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Isn't this a mental health blog?

Yes. If you’re freaking out over the social justice posts, I already answered that here.

If you honestly believe that the things happening in Ferguson, and honestly, around the world have nothing to do with mental health, you are ignorant. How do you think it would affect someone’s mental health to know that just because of their skin colour, they will always be seen as less than human? That goes for gender, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, and just about anything that makes them slightly “different”.

Social justice and mental wellness go hand in hand. People who are affected by society’s hatred are more than likely to have mental health issues. Plus, this is not just about mental health, it’s also about positivity and happiness, things denied to people because others are not willing to fight for their rights as much as their own. 

If you really don’t want to see Ferguson posts, I’ve tagged them. But this blog has always been a mix of social justice, mental health and positive posts, and it will always be that way.

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Thank you for tagging a trigger warning on your Ferguson posts. Very few people are doing so.

Well, to be fair I wasn’t at first, but then someone said the blog was too negative. I am on the fence about tagging them since it’s very important for people to learn about, and I still think that if you can (or at least when you can), you should try to look into the posts anyways. But I do get how it can be very upsetting, especially for black people, so I will tag. It does not help anyone to trigger someone to the point of a breakdown after all.

I’m contemplating on not tagging the positive posts on Ferguson though, as those at least should definitely be okay to spread.

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I would like some advice.. I'm pretty addicted to sleep-aids and I don't know why, I just find myself doing whatever to help me fall asleep easily without tossing and turning for hours. I'll smoke pot, or drink a couple of glasses of wine, or pop an anxiety pill.. sometimes it's two of those things at a time.. I think I've forgotten how to have a normal evening and fall asleep daydreaming, and I miss that.. I just worry so much at night I can't daydream anymore.

This is highly concerning and I advise first and foremost to speak to a professional about this, particularly whoever is medicating you (if it’s a professional doing so). 

Sometimes people cannot fall asleep daydreaming. I know I for one am unable to unless I’m dead exhausted, otherwise I’ll be up all night thinking instead. You may need to work on learning relaxation techniques and ways to focus your attention elsewhere. Therapy might be a good idea. Go to them with a request specifically for learning how to sleep with anxiety, as that will help both of you and use your time best.

Make sure though not to drink alcohol with your medication, particularly if the instructions tell you not to. If you no longer have that, google the medication and see what the warnings are. You could potentially really harm yourself, and it may even worsen your ability to sleep.

Right now you’re really substance dependent and so I think it’ll take work to focus on that first than just the sleeping problems. Like I said, the best thing for you is to speak to a doctor of some sort.

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