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i can't see a professional because i don't have any money, and helplines don't help me because all they do is trigger my anxiety.

Maybe these chat rooms will help?

Phobics Awareness 
Healing Well
Anxiety Space

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How can I improve my out of wack sleeping schedule. Lately i've been sleeping at 6am and waking up at 4pm. I usually stay up late on my phone and on the computer around my desired bedtime(12am) for no reason at all!!! Today, i decided to wake up at 9:45am(getting about 4hours of sleep) in order to try and fix my sleeping schedule. When should i go to bed tonight and HOW DO I FIX THIS WEIRD CASE OF INSOMNIA/ MENTAL SIMULATION?????

Well, first I suggest trying to cease mental stimulation right before bed time. Try to lay down at the exact same time every night to get a rhythm. There are several other possible solutions, but I suggest trying to see your doctor if you can.

The more you can spend your energy during the day so you’re more tired at night, the better. These links should help.

Sorry I can’t help more; I’m on vacation with limited time to the computer.

- Tiffany

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I feel suicidal should I tell someone ot what do I do ?

Yes you definitely should inform someone! If you can, admit yourself to a hospital right away.

Thinking About Suicide? 

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I am such a loser. I can't do anything. I am so completely useless, and literally no one cares. There's no reason for me to keep on living.

There is a reason, or else you wouldn’t come to me. You still want to live. And you’re brave enough to tell me this. 

Please, see a professional or call a helpline. You can keep at this, and it can improve.

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Hi, do you know of any online chat rooms for anxiety that are one to one? Or something like an email address where you can talk to someone via the web but it's on a one to one basis? I find the chat rooms make my anxiety worse :/ too many people! And I don't want to ring anyone up because of money issues/ difficulty in finding time and privacy. Thanks <3

This post should help you out. :)

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i hate myself so much.

Check these links out:

Improve Body Image
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When You Hate Yourself
Why You Don’t Really Hate Yourself
Why Do I Hate Myself?

Try buying some self-help books or seeing a professional. I think it’d really help. Some good blogs to check out:


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Hello! My partner and I have been pondering this question for a while and I'm not really sure who to ask. How much of one's actions is excused by their disorder, do you think? My partner has bpd and they have thought and acted on some pretty out there impulses~ things that could get them in legal/ethical trouble that They wouldn't have done w/o bpd. Does that make them inherently a bad person? Or should certain things be excused? Sorry if this was offensive at all!

It wasn’t offensive. Hm, well, my personal opinion on this might be different than a lot of people’s. 

Personally, I never find mental illness to be an excuse for any behaviour, but it CAN be a reason. Let me explain. I believe that no matter what’s going on in one’s life, they have to take responsibility for their own actions, even as ill. Especially if they want to be treated equally. Unless someone physically forces them or manipulates them into doing something, it is their own doing. 

That being said, of course mental illness has an affect. It’s a lot harder to not do something related to bad coping mechanisms or mental illness. This does not make them a bad person! Just know that they can’t just get away with doing whatever simply because they’re mentally ill. They have to be held responsible for their actions.

You can still hold someone responsible for what they do and still try to be understanding that their illness has an affect. If, for example, I were to punch you in the face because my depression comes out as anger, I should still have to apologize and make up for hurting you. But at the same time you could understand that I was really upset and unhappy, and that normally I wouldn’t go around throwing punches.

So, no, nothing should be excused, especially if it hurts someone else. Legally, I don’t know. I’m sure there are rules about it, but I personally do not know them. 

This does not mean your partner is inherently a bad person. Mental illness does not equate evil or anything of the sort. A good person can do bad things. A good person with mental illness is definitely prone to bad actions, particularly against themselves.

I hope this answers your question, and that it is explained properly. 

What is your opinion on self-diagnosing?

Well, I’m very torn on it. On one hand, it makes sense for someone to try to figure out what’s “wrong” with them/what’s going on, especially if they feel they cannot get help. But on the other, I think it’s a very dangerous path to walk. There is a giant multitude of things that could be going on, and just looking on the internet or in a book will never be enough to figure out what it might be.

So, this is how I see it: look it up. Read possibilities, learn about it, but most importantly, learn how it might be treated. Then, go to a professional and get a real diagnosis, tell them your concerns, and work from there.

I frown upon running around proclaiming you are one thing or another, however. It is extremely offensive and a lot of times incorrect. You can learn about what might be going on with yourself without writing it in your tumblr description or what have you. Just use caution and know that no matter how much research you do, you may still be incorrect, and therefore need to work on seeing a professional if you can.

If you feel you cannot, then just know that you may be wrong. You may also be right, but it’s not often the case, I find. Does that make sense?

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How do you treat insomnia?

Well, that certainly depends. Keep in mind I am no professional and I suggest seeing one to get proper treatment and diagnosis. 

First, insomnia can be a symptom of something else. This is why I definitely encourage you to see a professional, as they can help you determine what is causing it, if it is a symptom. The cause could be a multitude of things, from mental to physical.

Treatment of course depends on the above. Sometimes you’ll need treatment for depression or another mental illness, and in time that treatment can help reduce the insomnia. Sometimes you need to get blood work done - which is probably recommended anyways - to see if you have low counts in anything, and therefore need a different treatment. It could also be another issue entirely, or a combination of the above.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific. Sometimes you’ll need medication, but usually that’s a last resort if treatment of the cause isn’t efficient enough. Either way, the best thing you could do is to see a doctor. They can determine what a stranger on the internet cannot.

If you are truly worried, there are homeopathic ways to treat insomnia, which are alright as they are not habit forming (meaning you cannot become addicted). Sometimes these work, sometimes they don’t. Talking to someone trained in natural remedies is another good idea, and I recommend doing this before taking prescription medications. If you can treat your insomnia without the use of prescriptions, all the better. (But still see a doctor in combination with this, as again they can find out if there is a cause aside from low counts of hormones).

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Thank you so much for your quick response. I'm definitely going to check out those links. After sending the message I decided to go home from work because I need to take care of me. Now I'm worried I'm hurting my chances at future jobs because of it. I do have a therapist, I've been unable to see her for quite sometime though. I've actually decided to look into an inpatient treatment just to get myself on the right track. It's very frustrating though because I'm 23 and

I feel like I’m failing epically at being an adult. I was so stressed out about having to go to work that I started crying and nearly throwing a tantrum. It just feels so pathetic. I’m supposed to be an adult and I can’t even handle getting dumped or fired. I feel like screaming to myself grow up and get your shit together already but I just feel like no matter how hard I try I can’t get ahead

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